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Redwood Cliffs is a non-profit 501(c)(3) drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. We are a secular (non-religious) charitable organization which is operated for the benefit of the individual, not for any private entity or private shareholder. Redwood Cliffs’ purpose is the rehabilitation of those addicted to drugs and alcohol. All of our proceeds go towards the attainment of that specific purpose.

Our emphasis that addiction can be fully handled is innovative in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. However, for the past twenty years our program has proven to be effective time and time again. So much so that we have enjoyed the support of many high level governmental officials, physicians, scientists, community groups, educational organizations. We have obtained this support by going above and beyond with our rehabilitation efforts as well as our volunteer work in the community.

Redwood Cliffs Drug EdOne avenue which produces a tremendous amount of support is our delivery of free drug education to local schools. In fact, since 2004 our organization has educated over 50,000 school students. The Redwood Cliffs program also goes out to aid our community in a multitude of other ways: passing-out “The Truth About Drugs” booklet at community fairs, organizing Toy Drives for the holiday season, coordinating with the Salvation Army to host Thanksgiving for the Homeless, volunteering with the local YWCA, coaching youth sports, etc. We recognize the importance of community involvement and put maximum effort in all avenues.

The roots of our program started in the 1960s inside the Arizona State Prison. A man name William Benitez had been a long-time heroin addict. Due to his drug addiction, Mr. Benitez had been in-and-out of the prison system. His last stint was different.

Despite his constant struggle to kick his habit William never gave up. He held hope that he would someday overcome this affliction. One evening Mr. Benitez checked-out a book from the prison library; The Fundamentals of Thought by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Benetiz was enlightened by the simple life principles contained in the text. After applying the materials to his daily life inside the prison, Mr. Benitez noticed he was no longer thinking like a drug addict. It was at this point when he became determined to help the other inmates who were suffering from addiction.

It took nearly six months for the prison officials to agree to allow William to start the rehabilitation program. Once he obtained permission the program took-off. The program was so successful that even the non-addict prisoners were asking to join.

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