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Innovative Non-12 Step Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Redwood Cliffs is unlike any program in existence, boasting a revolutionary approach to treatment. While other programs may view addiction as an incurable disease, Redwood Cliffs understands that with proper treatment an addict is able to fully regain control over themselves and life. This is a relatively new idea in the rehabilitation field but is a major factor to our success.


What Redwood Cliffs Offers

Redwood Cliffs has proven to be the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to date. Below are some of the many reasons we are so effective at fully-handling addiction:

  Goal Based vs. Time Based.  For clients who commit and pay for the program up front, once the program fee is accepted, no one is told they have to leave because they have “run out of time.” This payment covers room and board, all meals, snacks, all counseling, all therapy materials, vitamins, minerals, full use of all facility amenities gym, laundry, basketball, etc.  They can stay until their program is complete.  (This does not apply to clients who are using health insurance as a method of payment as that is billed at a daily rate based on medical necessity)

Long-Term Treatment. The Redwood Cliffs program is not your standard, one-fits-all 30-day program. On average it takes between 3-6 months to complete. It has been proven that longer-term treatment has a much higher success rate than the typical 30-day treatment regimen. Addiction does not happen overnight and neither does remedying it.  However, no time is wasted and a student is never held back at progressing at their own speed.

 Unique Aftercare Program. Included in the Redwood Cliffs fee is a unique aftercare program. We have counselors who have, as their sole job, the aftercare of our graduates. The first few months out of treatment can be the toughest, therefore we have found it to be extremely beneficial to ensure our graduates are steered on the right path and guided in any times of trouble.

 Success Assurance Plan. We take such pride in the effectiveness of the Redwood Cliffs program that we offer a guarantee of sorts. If one of our graduates relapses to drugs, while actively participating in our aftercare program, they may return for a FREE 30-Day program. This is unheard of in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field.  (Applies to fully-paid clients only and does not apply if using health insurance as a method of payment)

Accredited Addiction Staff. Our counselors are certified in their field or are undergoing training undergoing internships from accredited supervisors.  Redwood Cliffs  exceeds the California state minimum for the percentage of staff that must be certified.

Renowned Sauna Detoxification. The unique detoxification program which Redwood Cliffs utilizes furnishes our students with a “New Life” if you will. By removing drug residuals from the body, our students regularly rave that they feel as though they did before using drugs, thus giving them a true second chance.

Distraction Free Environment. The Redwood Cliffs facility stands just a few miles inland of the Monterey Bay, perched upon over 30 acres of mountain-side land, the gorgeous facility is isolated enough where there are no distractions, but is also just a 15 minute drive to town. California is famous for its dramatic sunsets and the Redwood Cliffs facility accents each and every one of them.

  Effective Treatment Therapy. One of the distinctive elements of the program is the effective treatment therapy. With decades of experience our staff is able to isolate the root-causes of addiction and thus steer our clients to the path of “self-discovery.” Therapy is much more valuable when the individual discovers answers for themself, rather than someone “telling” them what the answer is. This is new technology in the field of addiction treatment.

 Life-Skills. As is evident to most addicts as well as their loved ones, when an individual is addicted to drugs they lack certain life-skills. This could be in the form of an inability to face situations or people, an inability to communicate effectively, inability to recognize unhealthy situations, inability to distinguish between good and bad influences, and the list goes on. At Redwood Cliffs we isolate what life-skills are lacking and fully address them in a multitude of treatment methods.


Removing the Compulsion to Use Drugs

Have you ever wondered why a drug addict continues to use drugs despite being given all reasons to stop? Or how a person can continue using despite the possibly of losing everything they care for; such as children, spouse, family, job, friends, money? Or what drives one to go to all lengths imaginable just to get high?

Surprisingly, the answer lies deep in the fatty tissues of the body. When drugs and alcohol are ingested, the liver and kidneys filter what the body doesn’t use and excretes it through urine, sweat or bowel movements. However, when drugs and alcohol are taken in excess the body is unable to filter what isn’t used. When this happens the toxins store themselves in the body’s fatty tissue. The more and more a person uses, the more and more the drugs stay in the body. But what happens when these drugs are reactivated and released back into the bloodstream?

When fat is burned (exercise, dieting, stressful or pleasurable situations, etc.) the drugs which were stored in the fatty tissue are released back into the blood stream. They travel through the bloodstream and to the brain. The brain recognizes the drug, and produces a slight effect. The amount which was released into the bloodstream is so small that the person doesn’t get the same euphoric feeling he had when he used the drug, but it is enough to trigger a craving for the substance. This subtle craving is the #1 reason for relapse.

At Redwood Cliffs we have the solution to this problem. We utilize a precise technology which removes all toxic substances from the individual’s body. By means of vitamins, minerals, oils and sweating in a dry heat sauna these toxins are activated and quickly removed. Once fully detoxified, the individual is free of all toxic substances and as well as their negative effects, thus eliminating all physical cravings.

We once had a successful business entrepreneur who led a double life as a prescription pill addict. He reported that he had quit on his own countless times throughout his 12 year addiction. Each situation was the same; he would isolate himself for 1-2 weeks and go through the wretched withdrawal effects. After he started feeling somewhat okay he would begin to eat healthy and take care of his body. Being into fitness, he would always get back into the gym. However, after just a short period of time the drug cravings would intensify. At this point he would relapse. This cycle repeated over and over again. When he learned of the detoxification program he immediately recognized what was happening. He did the Redwood Cliffs program and hasn’t relapsed since.


Is Redwood Cliffs a Fit for You?

Redwood Cliffs would like to be able to help all those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. However, this program is not for everybody. When you speak with an Admissions Counselor he will do an assessment to determine if Redwood Cliffs is the correct path for you and your specific needs and situation.

Below is a sampling of some of the issues our program addresses for the addict:

  • Depression
  • Self-Control
  • Relapse
  • Stress
  • Drug Cravings
  • Poor Decision Making
  • Inability to Learn New Tasks
  • Inability to Hold a Relationship
  • Poor Parenting Skills
  • Anger Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Low Self-Worth
  • Poor Composure
  • Ineffective Communication
  • Inability to Control Your Environment and Situations
  • Failure to Recognize Negative Influences
  • Dwelling on the Past
  • Lack of Responsibility
  • Inability to Face Life
  • Shame
  • Blame
  • Regret
  • Inability to Change Personal Conditions
  • Inability to Handle Finances


Addressing Underlying Issues

Each and every person who enrolls in the Redwood Cliffs Program is unique and has had their own life experiences. What has caused one person to become addicted is typically not the cause of another’s addiction. What may be an extremely troubling life situation for some may be easily handled by others.

With decades of experience our staff is able to isolate the root-causes of addiction. Again, this is highly individualized and extremely thorough. The process is much more involved than meeting with the individual a few times and asking some questions. It takes time, and our approach has much to do with why we are so successful.

If you are losing a loved one to addiction, don’t wait until it is too late. 

Call Now for Immediate Help:  831-740-4628



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